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Call Enhanced Exteriors for Your Eavestrough, Leaf Guard and Siding Needs

Along with offering prompt and professional eavestrough installation, we also serve customers in Simcoe County and surrounding areas with gutter protection to eliminate the need for eavestrough cleaning. Our dependable solutions include fascia as well as window and door capping. Rest assured our exceptional workmanship is well-matched by our excellent customer service.

View of the insides of a roof attached with drain pipe and soffits.

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Call us to request a free estimate or to discuss the specific requirements of your property. You can also fill out the convenient online form provided on this page to share your inquiries or requests with our team. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Enhanced Exteriors



Service Area

  • Simcoe County

  • Orillia

  • Ramara

  • Midland

  • Penetang

  • Tay Township

  • Surrounding Areas

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