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Enhanced Exteriors: Eavestrough Sales & Installations in Orillia

Eavestrough is an excellent way to address the rainwater management at your home. It helps to protect your foundation from rainwater and your head from a downpour when you are walking in or out your door during rainfall.


Over time, debris can build up in your eavestrough which will affect the water runoff and can clog your downpipes. There are two ways to address this. Regularly cleaning out your eavestroughs or installing gutter protection.


We are proud to install the Alu-Rex product line – the best on the gutter market. Gutter protection saves you from risks involved in climbing a ladder or the costs of hiring someone to clean your eavestroughs. These products can be added to your existing eavestrough or be used to increase the durability and resistance of new eavestroughs.  


The Alu-Rex line includes two product groups: Gutter Guards which are installed over the fastening system and continuous hangars, which strengthen your gutter end-to-end while also serving as a shield to keep out leaves, debris, snow and ice.

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Eavestrough and Gutter Guards

Protect your house against the damage done by rainwater.

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